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BadtzMaru is
a male penguin with spiky hair. Badtz Maru is one of the many animated
characters created by the SANRIO Company. Unlike the more popular Hello Kitty,
Badtz Maru is one of the few Sanrio characters marketed to both male and female.
Badtz Maru was born April 1, 1993 (April fool’s day) in Oahu Hawaii USA. He
lives with his mother and pinball playing father in Gorgeoustown. Badtz Maru
likes to hang with two best friends Pandaba (a female Giant Panda) and Hana-Maru
(a male white seal). He is also friends with Kahme (a small blue turtle), Iruka
(a white dolphin), Sameo (a blue shark), Goro ( a small white bird), Anko (a
black fish) and Kobun ( the blue henchman of his father). He enjoys expensive
sushi and also enjoys shopping at Ginza, one of the most expensive shopping
centers in the world. Badtz Maru attracts a lot of attention as he walks his
pet alligator named Pochi. He has dreams of becoming the boss of everything
when he grows up and, he is working on it. He is bad but cool!

– Badtz Maru Acrylic Ring.

– Badtz Maru in a bubble.

– Material: Acrylic.

– UPC #039937063758.





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